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The national 800th Anniversary of Magna Carta in 2015

The British Library website has pages on the Magna Carta at

The British Library - Magna Carta: law, Liberty, legacy exhibition

BBC Primary history at

The Lincoln Magna Carta at

Lincoln Cathedral at

Seals and other historical reproductions at

The Spanton Jarman 1907 pageant photos at

St Edmundsbury Chronicle 2000 and the Magna Carta at

The virtual abbey short film at

Joglaresa 13th century music at

The Bury Society at

St Edmundsbury cathedral at

St Edmundsbury Borough Council at

Visit Bury St Edmunds at

The National Lottery Fund at

Magna Carta Barons

Moyse’s Hall Museum


The Abbey of St Edmunds resource packs (pdf)

Click to download

Barons and their stories, drawn by Peter Chrisp
(funded by Bury St Edmunds Town Council).

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Olle plate photos and info (pdf)

Images for schools (pdf)

Pageant Pictures(pdf)

Magna Carta Leaflet (pdf)

Magna Carta from Greene & Greene

Please click to download Greene and Greene magnaCarta v3

Chapel Exhibition Banners

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Chapel : Are there any Magna Carta clauses still in force today.pdf
Chapel : Barons 01.pdf
Chapel : Barons 02 .pdf
Chapel : Bury St Edmunds and the Magna Carta.pdf
Chapel : King John and The Church.pdf
Chapel : King John and the Magna Carta.pdf
Chapel : The Bury Connection.pdf
Chapel : The Importance of St Edmund and the Abbey.pdf
Chapel : The Olle Centre Piece.pdf

Cloisters Exhibition Banners

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Cloister : 1907 Pageant.pdf
Cloister : Lincoln Cathedral.pdf
Cloister : Making the Magna Carta.pdf
Cloister : The 1959 Pageant.pdf
Cloister : What was in the Magna Carta.pdf
Cloister : Magna Carta Crisis Timeline.pdf